Лолита Милявская сварила варенье из мяты
Singer tries original recipes treats.

Лолита Милявская сварила варенье из мяты


Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Photo: Instagram.com

fans the recipe of jam from the mint. For the first time the singer has tried it in the city market in the Crimea. Taste she liked, and she immediately decided that this jam will cook itself. “Mint I have
the country a lot, ” says Lolita. The syrup turned out like a real honey! Very

About the benefits of jam from her mint a lot to tell. It and colds, and insomnia. However, as it turned out, men “mint syrup” can be used in small quantities. “I say, not very
good for the prostate. Don’t know true or not, but is obliged to warn,” wrote the Palladium fans. For her husband, Lolita Navarro-20 litters and absolutely safe strawberry jam.

Lolita admits that in recent years cook jam all year round. “When my husband and Dima just started to live together, I don’t know what sweet he allows himself to just jam. And in September it at me ended. I had in the supermarket to buy frozen berries in bags. And I can say that jam from them, almost taste, only, of course, more leaves, ” said Lolita. But for those who wanted to jam in the fall or winter, this option is still better prepared the purchase turns out.”

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