Иван Ургант впервые показал младшую дочь
The TV presenter posted a touching photo of the little Valeria.

Иван Ургант впервые показал младшую дочь

Ivan Urgant

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Ivan Urgant rarely pleases many fans
photos of their children. 16-year-old Eric and 7-year-old Nina showman though
occasionally shows up on social networks, but the images itself
youngest daughter — 10-month-old Valeria — have never been published. But today, while vacationing on the coast of California
Ivan showed the baby, her little legs against his. Perhaps
will soon show the face of the daughter, and it becomes clear, who look like girl. Ivan and
his wife Natalia Kiknadze adhere to popular among the stars
tactics: don’t show the child, yet he does not want to.

By the way, the older one Ivan’s daughter — Nina, the more it looks like
on namenity great-grandmother Nina Urgant-senior. It is celebrated by all friends and
native star family. The little Nina, the same oval face, same
dazzling smile and eyes. And even the color of the hair, as Nina Nikolaevna.

Among other things, the daughter Urganta is increasing extraordinarily
a creative girl. She sings, dances, and plays instruments. In the beginning
this year it also signaled to the country their sporting achievements to
the air of my father’s transfer “Evening Urgant” skiing ahead of his father in
the race for a short distance.

Ivan Urgant

Photo: Instagram Ivan Urgant @urgantcom

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