Лолита вступила в конфликт из-за Алены Апиной Recent attacks antifanatov Epinoy her clip is not indifferent to the colleagues of the singer. Lolita has defended his friend and stood at her side. The actress is confident that the song Alyona will find its audience.

      After a difficult divorce Apina dedicates herself to the art of music. She recently released a new video for the song “Proximity”, which caused a sensation and controversy on the Network. The singer was accused of excessive candor and vulgarity. Support Alain decided Lolita, who wrote in the Instagram post with the words the rapture to the stars.

      “Everything that happens in my favorite show-meringue, I’m always the last to know. Only a couple of days ago and looked wonderful in all respects the work of Aslan Akhmadov Alyona Epinoy! Can’t understand why so much criticism of this clip. Not only as the envy of many “right” not to listen, and “look” for parts of the body Alena… Looks great, and it is another proof that the divorce was decorated not one person! And most importantly – is it a new stage in the work! Those who throughout life prefer to see in the singer part of the “Combination”, of course, did not expect that the desire to develop win, as all self-respecting artists”, commented in his attacks on friend Palladium.

      Followers of Lolita, the public was divided into two camps. Some believe that for his age Apina looks great in the video there is nothing vulgar. Others insist that the video looks poor quality and in vain tries to please the demands of a modern audience.

      “Horrible, cheap makeup, pouty lips and no eroticism. A similar thought can be removed much more profitable for Alena. With all due respect to you, Lolita, clip Alena – cheap trash. I’m sorry,” “do not like the Song, the voice in this song too. Beautiful – Yes, but, in my opinion, and so many fans and it is not necessary to undress for this,” “Well, no, Lolita, stop! Of course, I understand that you are with Alice’s friend and all, but it’s not a masterpiece. It’s Apina. Well sung, well shot something on film, and with myself (for some reason). Not worth it to show everyone”, “I think the most embarrassing Alena in this manner. Sexual thing you can be 90! But everything should be balanced at that age, the body type, skin quality, which is already. There is not there,” wrote subscribers.

      The rest with the opinion of the IBA agreed and tried to defend Apino. Users of the networks felt that negative comments caused by jealousy, they say, in this age, not everyone looks so good and will be able to publicly demonstrate the form.

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      “And what is criticism? Beautiful, off to look like a woman after 40 it’s gorgeous! Very nice! Alain Apina I have not seen and not heard. Her new discovered”, “I like a woman who crossed the threshold of 50 years, I want to say “Bravo!” Alena – you are super! The bodies are younger that won’t save a ton of makeup. Envy silently, ladies! Good luck to this wonderful woman”, “Great clip! The figure is just super! Everyone would have to look in 20”.