Ilya Glinnikov was seriously injured because of his girlfriend

Илья Глинников получил серьезную травму из-за девушки March 12 kicked off the fifth anniversary season of the show “the Bachelor.” The protagonist this time was the star of “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. In the process of filming a man injured his knee. Now he has to go under the knife doctors.

      On the eve aired the first series of the TV show, where 15 beauties from all over Russia to fight for the heart of the new bachelor is a 32-year-old actor Ilya Glinnikov. Informed and participating, and the artist himself admitted that not everyone who was on set, was really hoping to find there love.

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      But judging by the teaser passion for the show began in earnest. Apparently, through personal communication on individual dates, feelings actually broke out of several girls. Interestingly, in preparing surprises for the brides involved himself Glinnikov. However, not all of them ended positively. During the stay of girls in Sri Lanka, one of the heroines was injured. But Ilya is not without cost. The artist earned himself a serious injury and now he has to lie down on the surgical table.

      “We still shot project, so I can’t do a surgery on the leg. I have torn all the ligaments in the knee joint. It is necessary to raise the knee again. It happened because of the love you have to fight,” – said the actor.

      It is worth noting the courage and endurance of the stars, because despite the pain and possible complications, he continues to participate in the show. Probably, he actually had those feelings for the sake of which and agreed to the shooting. “Love is not just a beautiful word. Love is energy. I’m through walls can take place,” admitted Ilya Glinnikov in an interview “Around the TV”.

      Rumor has it that such a brilliant and dangerous encounters was not in the entire history of “the Bachelor.” For example, in one episode, the pair was skydiving over the island-the palm in Dubai. For such a serious test Ilya was invited to the shooting of one of the best externals in the world. But what of Dating Ilya suffered is still unknown.

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      By the way, in February the Director of TV channel “TNT 4” Gavriil Gordeev shared the joint and Glinnikov. To the friend of the bachelor came with a cane, and it caused a lot of controversy in the Network. “Two of my friends have been through this harsh and romantic trial, well, you saw. Ilya, now you don’t fail! Want to walk at your wedding!” – wrote in the microblog Le Havre.