Liza Arzamasova is experiencing his strength

Лиза Арзамасова испытывает себя на прочность
The star shared her beauty secrets.

Liza Arzamasova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Any drastic diet Lisa Arzamasova is not considered effective in the fight against obesity: “Maybe
someone restrictions and stimulate, but it seems to me that bans people
sad, wasting away, trying to jam a bad mood and the result was even more
recovering,” she says.

Unlike the girls, who over the winter allow themselves “to eat” extra
pounds, before beach season trying to get rid of them, Arzamasova at any time of the year finds time for the gym.

“We should do sport all year round, not
“jerks” — and then weight problems will not be, — the actress. I love
exercise, tried everything in fitness. Go to
gym, Pilates, Boxing, step, sports dancing,
visit the pool. I like this, unloved loads no. I want to try
something new again and again. Like to test his endurance.”

Fortunately, the hall is the actress next to the house, and she could look there
and at seven in the morning, before work, and can already
in the evening, after the shooting. “Morning classes, of course, is preferable:
energize for the day, says Lisa. But I love and evening
sport. In physical education most important thing of all —
regularity, literally daily classes and a gradual increase in load
swoop then nothing”.

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