Линдсэй Шукус оставила мужа, чтобы быть с Беном Аффлеком

TV producer Lindsay Sukus which is now a heartthrob Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, left her husband Kevin Miller, to be with her lover. On this edition of UsMagazine reported by numerous sources.

Producer of popular TV show “The Saturday Night Live” married his colleague Kevin Miller in 2010, and until the affair in 2013, they all seemed perfect together, especially because the couple had the and a small child.
“It wasn’t just an affair, a Grand affair. They slept together, sharing romantic messages and constantly called up,” said the insider, and added that garner and Miller was just dumbfounded after learning about the adultery of their halves.
Suddenly pulled hard on Ben’s freedom from Jennifer garner was the green light for a relationship Affleck and Sukus.
Insiders report that Lindsay was a frequent visitor to Los Angeles as soon as it became known about the breakup of Affleck and garner in 2015. Recall that Jennifer officially filed for divorce in April of this year.
Recall that Jennifer is comfortable with the fact that Ben is comfortable with his personal life. Affleck and Sukus noticed this weekend on a romantic date at an Indian restaurant, and garner wishes them only happiness.