Бритни Спирс пожертвовала миллион долларов больным детям

American singer Britney Spears has made a generous donation to the Nevada Fund help children with cancer (Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation). Earned from the concert Britney has allocated a million dollars to save the sick children.

In addition to donations, Britney Britney Spears organizes Campus, the opening of which will take place on 17 July, and in October will be a Grand charity event, where sponsors in addition to Spears will be Zappos, Live Nation, Caesars Entertainment and Elizabeth Arden.
“In my career there are many things I’m proud of, but this – more than anyone — said Spears in a statement. — “The fact that I was able to use his celebrity status to raise money to help sick children and their families when they need it, not only makes me cry, but brings huge value to this amazing journey in which I visited”.
As told Britney about the cancer, she knows firsthand, in her family, too, once trouble came.
“My aunt Sandra died of cancer, and I know the devastating effects that this horrible disease causes the victims and their relatives, but when it happens to innocent young children, worse than wow you can’t imagine. I’m really glad I could be of some help. I want to thank NCCF for the amazing work they are doing on a daily basis, and I look forward to the opportunity to officially open Britney Spears Campus of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation this fall,” said Britney.
31 Dec Britney will conclude their performances with the above named program at Caesar Palace after four years of playing. Not tacon concerts visited Japan, Thailand and Israel, to sold-out crowds in every city.