Линдси Лохан рассказала шокирующую правду о своей семье
The actress admitted, why so long gone from Tarabarova.

Линдси Лохан рассказала шокирующую правду о своей семье

Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov


The other day Lindsay Lohan gave an interview in which he told the shocking details of his life. The actress revealed that her relationship dads
Michael and mom Dina was very similar to her ill-fated affair with Egor Tarasovym.

“At some point I realized that to repeat the mistakes of my mother who
too long tolerated my father. My boyfriend Yegor was often beaten me, but it
seemed normal. I grew up in the same atmosphere. My father is a complicated man,
he’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in one person. Of course, when my father
raised his hand to his mother. But I have witnessed their fierce fights and seen
photographs of bruises left on mom’s body from his beatings in the past,” he said

As he told the actress, she is slowly and painfully hesitated, not daring to interrupt painful affair with Tarasovym. “I desperately prayed he resigned himself,
and I wouldn’t have to make that decision. And when he finally after
the scandal has left our house, I felt incredible relief. “Thank God, I
do not repeat the fate of my mother!” — I thought then.

Since then Lohan, she claimed she regained control over her life. ”
now I try to concentrate all their energies on getting
to help others, particularly Syrian refugees. And, of course, to take care of
about myself, rethinking my life,” said Lindsay.

Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan