Линдсей Лохан проводит время с мужчинами в Греции After the scandalous parting with the Russian millionaire, the girl tries to forget about a painful breakup. The actress did not tolerate the aggressive attitude of Yegor Tarabarova. Now Lindsay Lohan is resting by the sea in the company of young people.

      Less than a month after the scandalous breakup celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Russian millionaire Yegor Tarabarova, as the actress was again on vacation, he’s having a great time in the company of men. Apparently, she decided to forget the break with a businessman and went to Greece.

      Journalists noticed that Lindsay suspiciously spends a lot of time in the company of the restaurant owner Dennis Papageorgiou. Many have already begun to attribute to the artist a new novel, however, young people are rather restrained – no hugging, passionate kissing and public declarations of love. However, Dennis is not the only person, beside which the girl is saved from suffering for the departed love. From time to time there are photos where Lindsay posing with men she calls friends.

      Fans of the actress are very pleased that Lohan does not fall into despair over love gone. They are happy that the actress can afford not to work and spend time traveling around the world.

      Fans believed the novel Lindsay and Yegor perfect – a young man gave his beloved a luxurious life – they were vacationing at luxury resorts, went to expensive restaurants. However, after nine months, Lohan said that could not tolerate the aggressive behavior of his chosen.

      “I realized that no relationship can continue despite the feelings. No woman should endure beatings and stay with a man who is not even willing to apologize,” complained the actress.

      Recent months relations Yegor and Lindsay between young people often scandals broke out. The neighbors had heard her terrified screams during the next quarrel.

      “He tried to strangle me! He almost killed me! I pray, please help! Let everyone know about it! You have no right to do that. You have repeatedly raised your hand to me and wanted to strangle me. You’re a damn psychopath! You need a doctor! I don’t love you anymore. It’s over, get out of my house!” – broke into shouts Lohan.

      After the breakup of Tarabarov came home to Russia. He noticed in one of the supermarkets of Moscow. After the scandal with Russian millionaire Lohan ran home