Данила Козловский переезжает с любимой во Владивосток A famous actor gets to work on a new project. Side by side with Danila Kozlovsky will be his fiancee Olga Zueva. The model will debut as Director of feature films.

      Данила Козловский переезжает с любимой во Владивосток

      Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva have been Dating for more than a year. The couple lives in a civil marriage and does not want to part even at work. Apparently, the positive effect of the actor on the model was so great that she decided to try himself as a Director of feature-length meter.

      Danila Kozlovsky reunited with beloved

      Work on the painting with the trivial name “” already started. Producers Ruben Dishdishyan, Sergey Bobza and Danila Kozlovsky started shooting the directorial debut Zueva. Interestingly, the star couple will play starring roles in the film.

      Shooting a few episodes of the paintings will be held in Vladivostok. Daniel will move there with his beloved and the whole team of the film for about a month.

      Данила Козловский переезжает с любимой во Владивосток

      In the story, the characters “In the area” – Dylan and his best friend, nicknamed kitty, not finding some good shelter in life, work on city crime boss. The longer my friends work for the bandits, the more you think about your place in life and what awaits them in the future.

      “For me it’s a story written with great tenderness and love for people who have no support, resources, money, connections, but who have a big heart and a great desire to be somebody. Now I quoted the words that said Olya Zueva on pitching during the presentation of the project at the Ministry of culture. Think more about this film to tell difficult, – says Danila Kozlovsky. – From myself I will add that the script was written with very a boy, a male drive. “In the area” – a story about crime, punishment, friendship, love, error, establishing, desire to become a person. But for me, fundamentally, that it is written not moralistic, instructive language, and very biting, with great humor, great tenderness and knowing the topic about which we’re shooting a movie. The fact that the author – a girl gives all this patsanskimi the material a special intonation, which makes for me the story is absolutely unique.”