Lindsay Lohan shared an extravagant way of keeping fit

Линдси Лохан поделилась экстравагантным способом поддержания формы
The actress said that buried my past.

Lindsay Lohan


32-year-old Lindsay Lohan in
recently become noticeably slimmer. Although it is more or less regularly
attending gym for the last couple of years, the actress looked not skinny.
From time to time fans, considering the photo of the actress in swimsuits, have even begun
to suspect she was pregnant. But now Lindsay boasts a perfectly flat stomach.

The actress, who is proud of his form, have agreed to tell
how she achieved such a result. As it turned out, Lohan owes “miracle of technology”. “I train in a special garb, reminiscent of
wetsuit. It includes many of the electrodes that make
to contract my muscles, and the costume is connected by wire with a special device,
which regulates the frequency and strength of contractions. But do not think that I’m lying in
this suit on the couch. I do it in the gym, under the guidance of
coach. And my costume allows you to make training much more intense. 20
minutes of operation it replace the whole 4 hours of regular classes! And I’m happy
found this way of keeping the body in shape!” — told Lohan.

The actress claims that the beginning of a new life. Significant
of the year she spends now in Greece, mainly on the island of Mykonos. Here she founded
your business that is not related to her previous acting career. Lindsay opened a restaurant with a bar located on
Kalo Livadi Beach. “In the past I have had problems. But, believe me, I’m different
man. And with his past I’m done, I buried him!” said Lindsay,
which was formerly a constant visitor to the scandalous Chronicles: “due to” abuse
alcohol and his turbulent personal life, of which the most memorable it
pseudo-engagement with Egor Tarasovym.