Lindsay Lohan plans to shoot a TV series about the life of Russian oligarchs

Линдси Лохан планирует снять сериал про жизнь русских олигархов

During a serious relationship with my ex-fiancé Egor Tarasovym Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan learned what life with an oligarch. And while the relationship with the businessman was not long and ended with a scandalous breakup, the actress still wants to benefit from it. Lohan has decided to try his hand as a Director and to make a TV series about the life of the Russian fat cats. About this Lindsay told me during the Cannes film festival.

Insiders, to talk with Lohan on this subject, said that working on a series for Netflix. The project will focus on the lives of three Russian oligarchs of different generations. Other details of the upcoming project are still unknown.
Recall that the relationship Lindsay and Yegor ended her controversial statement on family violence. After Lohan was involved in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” and a fundraiser for the charity, help to needy children of Russia, adoption of Islam (or so it seemed to the public) and many other things.
If the show is as unpredictable as whole life Lohan, it will be a big success.