Линдси Лохан купила себе помолвочное кольцо сама

Yesterday aired the new program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, in which celebrity guests Lindsay Lohan, who talked about the relationship with the Russian businessman and son of a millionaire 23-year-old Yegor Tarasovym.

The young man on the eve wrote a letter to the media, and sent it to Andrey Malakhov. In it, he warned the journalists and Lindsay not to speculate on his behalf. Otherwise, he promised to sue for libel. But on television no one is scared and the program with Lindsay aired.
Lohan said that Yegor bribed her honesty and openness, and that beside him she felt weak and defenseless. This weakness, however, did not prevent the actress to pay for their way of life – house, travel, parties. What can I say, Lindsay self bought an engagement ring, which she allegedly gave Egor (now I understand why she wears it even after parting with the Russian). For Lohan didn’t matter who bought the ring, but Egor, it seems that this state of Affairs did not suit.
The actress believes that the complex and vulnerable manhood pushed Tarabarova to the fact that he began to beat and humiliate her.
“I’m not saying he is a bad person. I have myself to blame. I had to end our relationship for a long time, but I have suffered, and even she first apologized to him” — said Lindsay.
Incidentally, the phone number of her ex-fiancé Lindsay not erased so far.
“I don’t want to burn bridges!” said Lohan, who. probably still hoping for a reunion with Tarasovym. And Egor last week was seen on the Greek resort in the company not known to the ladies. Probably his bridges burned.