Дональд Трамп потерял паспорт в Мексике

That is, if not karma? Donald trump, who plans to run for President of the United States of America in the upcoming elections in October this year, stuck in Mexico indefinitely. Odious politician, who once poured Mexicans, mud, lost his passport during his visit to the country.

Donald went to a neighboring country to meet with President Enrique peña Nieto (probably wanted to discuss, how tall is the wall between the two countries when he becomes President of America). When the visit came to an end, trump found that he had lost the document.
“Who stole my passport? Nieto stole my passport and made a fool of me. It’s sad!” — said Donald, in a telephone conversation with CNN reporters.
But Mexico’s President has denied such accusations.
“The fact that trump has lost his passport, does not concern me, I’m not involved in this. He’s so inconsiderate and it is not surprising that he lost. ” said Nieto.
We will remind that earlier singing compare trump with Adolf Hitler, but now that the time is near for the elections, the rhetoric became softer and he said he would to chat with any President, who will choose the citizens of America.
To make a new passport, Donald must present a birth certificate, and then the U.S. Embassy will give him a temporary document. It may take a few days, so that all events for the near future team trump cancelled.