Lily Allen homeless: deception or truth?

Лили Аллен бездомная: обман или правда?

On Christmas eve last year, Lily Allen decided to make a miracle and to settle in his London flat of refugees. She announced the news on Twitter, where she immediately was supported by the fans. But good offense, and almost a year later, on 4 December, the singer complained to the same social network for tenants that refuse to leave her apartment. As she says of Lily, she and her daughters — 6-year-old Ethel and 4-year-old Marnie, were left homeless for Christmas. At this time, support from fans Lily is not received. Allen also said was they were not refugees, and diplomats.

Лили Аллен бездомная: обман или правда?

“My Italian tenants refused to leave the apartment. It is a family of diplomats. They said that they have some kind of “diplomatic immunity”. There’s nothing I can do about it. I have nowhere to go for Christmas and my kids, too,” wrote Lily in Twitter.

The journalists of the Daily Mail was interested in the story and they contacted Maria who lives in the apartment of a star. She works as a photographer and said that they are ready to leave the apartment at any time. “I am very sorry that it all happened. We asked Lily to let us stay a few more days — until Wednesday. Why Lily complains, not entirely clear. Yes, we still live here, but immediately leave the room.” said Maria.

The people who are watching the life of the singer, do not believe what is happening and are convinced that the girl have a place to live. This year, Lilly sold the mansion of Old Overtown House in the Cotswolds. Fans are confident that someone from the family to find her a home. Soon the ill-fated tweet, the girl was removed, as was due to his barrage of negativity.

It is worth noting that this is not one tweet that the star had to be removed because of the negative reaction. In mid-January 2017, the year on Twitter, Allen wrote about the hatred of Britain because of the slave trade. “Global Britain — it might be a good idea, but the fact that the world still hates us because of slavery,” wrote the singer.

At the end of 2015, the year Allen broke up with her ex-husband, businessman Sam Cooper. A year before the appearance of their total daughter Ethel, Lily miscarried. “In England occurs in approximately 17 abortions per day. All of these women return home after the hospital, and perhaps they have a loved one with whom you can share your pain. And I have someone to support. At that point I switched: stopped feeling sorry for myself because of the baby, which did not, and began to thank her husband for what he was in my life. I now know that I will be able to share with him any grief,” he told Lily about what happened in the TV show Jonathan Ross.