Либерж Кпадону шокировала видеороликом косметической процедуры The star of “House-2” get rid of double chin. 29-year-old Liberg Kadono tirelessly working to improve its appearance. The former participant of the reality show showed the result of the transformation.

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “Dom-2” Liberi Kadono and after his career on telestroke continues to maintain interest from fans.

      A young woman is behaving quite openly and in a microblog publishes a video that dares to show not every representative of the fairer sex. Liberi Kadono shared the footage in the beauty parlor. The video can be considered an intermediate stage in the transformation of the stars “House-2”, which made the contour correction of the face. Liberi Kadono openly spoke about how she plans to get rid of double chin.

      “Well me and injection anesthesia, commented, closeup showing his face Liberi. ‘You see my double chin? And now it will not! Show then what happens after.”

      Fans Liberi Kadono was struck by her desire for beauty and willingness to endure pain. They compliment her favorite and yet worried about how she underwent the procedure.

      Later the star, as promised, showed the result of contouring. Subscribers girls really liked her transformation. “Liberi, well, beauty will be jealous the whole country”, “Impressive”, “you are so beautiful, “Pretty Libby”, “Prettier with every day fun”, “Liberg, I love you very much. You are super! How I look “the House-2″ such as you there. You’re the best,” admire Liberi Kadono her loyal fans.

      We will remind that not so long ago Liberg Kadono decided to hymenoplasty surgery to restore virginity. Liberg Kadono will restore her virginity a year and a half

      “After the divorce, I was nobody a year and a half, – admitted “StarHit” 29-year-old Kadono. – Because of the turmoil in his personal life even had to seek help from a psychologist. Paul Rakov told me to restore my virginity. I have no one and a half years, and I plan to remain a virgin after the operation still the same. Sure I can find a decent man.”

      It should be noted that if the business Kadono more or less succeeded – she handles the promotion of its own brand jewelry, in the privacy of the stars lull. Liberg not once complained about his psychological state after the breakup with her husband, the former participant “Houses-2” Evgeny Rudnev.