Yulianna Karaulova get married abroad

Юлианна Караулова сыграет свадьбу за границей The artist chose the place of the wedding ceremony. In late December, the girl said Yes to the proposal of Andrew Black to marry. Despite the busy schedule, the guys have planned, how will the most important day.

      In late December the eyes of the audience of Yulianna Karaulova has received a proposal of marriage from a music producer Andrew Black. She was involved in the filming of the Christmas “lights” at the rink ENEA. Her partner picked up a good point and went out on the ice, holding a treasured box with a ring.

      According to the artist, she did not expect that the beloved will propose to her in such a public place. “At first I was very angry. My first thoughts were: no, not this, not this. I was angry, because I always thought that it should be a more intimate moment, and we shot four cameras around there were about 200 extras – and then Andrew got down on one knee, starts to stammer and say something,” recalled his impressions Karaulov.

      Recall that Julianna and Andrew have been Dating for four years, and familiar much longer. The producer said he first saw the girl when she was only 17 years old. At first the guys were talking as friends, but then Andrew realized that he had fallen in love with the singer. It is beautifully cared for her, gave flowers, dedicated songs. As told Karaulov, Black was able to charm her friends, who immediately began to advise the girl to pay attention to the familiar guy.

      Despite a busy schedule, Julianna and Andrew have already chosen the place where they officially legalize the relationship. The couple decided not to postpone the happy event indefinitely.

      “The wedding we decided to play in April in Georgia. There intimate atmosphere, the food was delicious, the mountains around and fly very close. And date have already chosen – April 22” – confessed artist.

      As told by Andrew in an interview with the magazine “Hello!”, he was worried that the girl can refuse. “She’s creative nature, and when it works, it is better not to touch her, and here I am with a ring in front of the camera… I was ready for everything,” shared Andrew.

      By the way, the man by chance chose the rink in order to propose to his beloved. Last year Karaulova never parted with skates and learned how to make the various elements of figure skating, as he participated in the show “Ice age” Maxim trankovym.