Лиам Галлахер угрожает собственным детям

Some people need to grow up. Liam Gallagher, brother of Noel Gallagher, who once founded the band “Oasis” and fell out, threatening their children, warning them not to listen to music Noel.

“If I caught them on what they listen to his music, I would strictly punish them. I would be deprived of their pocket money, and then when they turned 16-17 years, published their children’s photos where they are out of diapers, full of shit,” said a loving father, whether in jest, whether seriously.
In fact, say insiders, he loves his brother and misses to the joint parties, but it offends something in every interview brother underscores his inability to sing.
“Sing better th..Yuk — outraged Liam.
On the question whether their reunion in principle, the musician replied:
“While we breathe, there is always a chance. In the near future this will not happen, because, I have something to do – I’m preparing to release a solo record.”