Пусть меня научат! Анна Калашникова поступает в университет
The model and actress decided to become a financial analyst.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Actress, singer and TV presenter Anna Kalashnikov admitted that he wants to gain knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. Girl
decided to enroll in an online University. After meeting with an investor in cryptocurrency, she made her final decision — to learn.

“I think for cryptocurrencies are the future, —
commented on Anna Kalashnikov. — There’s a reason bitcoin is already a meme. I have
a good friend who does this on a professional
level. He is an expert on blockchain technology and investor in the cryptocurrency.

we’ve discussed this topic. I thought she was
interesting, but before our conversation I knew this
region. I don’t just blindly follow trends, I really want
to understand this in more detail. So I decided to enroll in an online University where she teaches Alex”.

The star itself will soon be able
train: Kalashnikov will be the speaker at SYNERGY WOMEN FORUM, which will be held
March 27.