Лера Кудрявцева высмеяла разницу в возрасте с супругом The presenter has recorded an amusing video, which appeared in the form of older women, and published it in social networks. Movie Lera lifted the spirits of fans of the stars. According to many of them, Kudryavtseva should not pay attention to haters, which is always there.

      Лера Кудрявцева высмеяла разницу в возрасте с супругом

      Lera Kudryavtseva once again showed their ability with a smile to treat those who criticize her and tries to teach how to live. After all, as a celebrity, she married 28-year-old hockey player Igor Makarov, many began to discuss the difference in age of couples, they say, they are not right for each other. The TV presenter ironic attitude to everything that others say, and not consider it necessary to focus on how much she or her lover years.

      Recently, Lera Kudryavtseva has published a video in his Instagram, which laughed at those who try to hurt her. On the recording you can see how Valerie and her husband discuss the words of the gossip. To create the video, the presenter used a special application for mobile phone that changes people’s faces. In order to respond to your haters, the star of “old” filters.

      Лера Кудрявцева высмеяла разницу в возрасте с супругом

      Fans of the star couple was pleased with the publication Kudryavtseva and fully supported her in the fight against ill-wishers. In their opinion, the main thing — not physical age, and internal. In addition, subscribers Lera believe that the number of years lived is not the main thing in relationship. They also noted that a celebrity is in great shape. “For 20 years you look beautiful”, “don’t listen to anyone and let them try to find yourself a young husband may become kinder”, “Leroy, you can only envy! You look better than many girls who are younger than you,” “If a woman is beautiful, no matter how old she is”, “is Hilarious, haven’t laughed,” “Let others envy you in silence”, “I’m older than her husband by 12 years, with him laughed,” he wrote to fans Kudryavtseva in the comments.

      Lera Kudryavtseva: “Always the first to apologize to her husband”

      By the way, recently Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov celebrated their third wedding anniversary. In his microblog TV presenter wrote that insanely happy and thinks the beloved man of her dreams. She also thanked God for the meeting with her husband. “And the way I’m not getting any younger and getting fat, and you walk around the house in his underwear is our happiness, to be near you always” — in a joking manner Lera congratulated Igor with a memorable date for them.

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