Елена Малышева в юности едва не погибла The presenter told a terrible story of life. Future star of the screen Elena Malyshev rescued her mother is a doctor. High school student Lena could die as a result of antibiotics that she was treated for pneumonia.

      Елена Малышева в юности едва не погибла

      The most famous Phil of our country, doctor and presenter of the program “Live healthy!” on the First channel Elena Malysheva often in the program to share with her audience their personal stories.

      In one of the last editions of the project it was about this common allergic disease such as urticaria. In the world, they suffer from one to three percent of the people. And if you do not know about their diagnosis and about which stimulus occurs such a reaction, the next meeting a person with this allergen could be fatal. Elena Malyshev told a scary, but very instructive case of his life. Quite a young age, the future star of the screen was on the brink of life and death. The tragedy would have been inevitable if the mother of Helen malyshevoy was not a doctor by profession. It Galina warned his daughter that she’s allergic to penicillin.

      “I in the ninth grade, had a dream to get sick just because I never even sneezed, went to school all the time, and so wanted her to skip – shared Elena Malysheva with fans of the program “Live healthy!”. And by my own personal long efforts I got pneumonia. I for the first time then put synthetic antibiotic, and I started to have hives. Saw mom, and she me once and for life explained that if she did not see this reaction to the drug, and I entered medicine again began to anaphylactic shock, and I would have died. Mom then said that I should always say that I’m allergic to penicillin”.

      This story and the conversation with my mother Elena Malysheva will remember for a lifetime. She has long been a happy wife and mother of two wonderful sons, George and Basil Malyshevich. The eldest of whom, Yuri, he has made his mother a grandmother, giving her in January 2015, the charming grandson. Elena Malysheva showed year-old grandson

      Елена Малышева в юности едва не погибла

      The boy was called after his grandfather, Igor, and now the family well-known TV presenter, two Igor – big and small. Elena Malysheva carefully monitors the health of all their loved ones, and special attention is awarded, of course, Igor. The kid held all the most recent inspection, in which case, promptly take measures to eliminate any violations in the development of the heir of the famous family.

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