Leonid Yakubovich have discovered the secret to phenomenal weight loss

Леонид Якубович раскрыл секрет феноменального похудения TV presenter decided to lose weight for loved ones. Leonid Yakubovich does not hide that its weight exceeded 100 pounds. However, the man managed to get in shape with tennis.
Леонид Якубович раскрыл секрет феноменального похудения

The permanent host of the program “Field of miracles” rarely pleases fans of revelations. Many of them noticed that Leonid Yakubovich well lost weight in recent years. However, the man was in no hurry to disclose the secret to weight loss.

Only in a recent interview, he revealed that the stimulus for weight loss were his wife and daughter. According to the presenter, he was ashamed to go on a beach holiday with relatives.

“My neck wasn’t, my knees are not seen. And then one day I was standing in front of the mirror this morning and suddenly realized: in three months my wife and daughter to go to sea, and I feel fat something. They are two Babes who will be shy of me. “No, they will not be shy! They will be proud of me,” I said to myself. As soon as I decided I trudged along Varenoy the request of her tennis training,” – said Leonid Arkadievich.
Леонид Якубович раскрыл секрет феноменального похудения

The man admits that the first workout was hard on him, but he basically attended court almost every day. In the end, the star was able to throw almost 30 pounds. Gradually, tennis became a favorite game star. Now Yakubovich carefully monitor their health and engage regularly in sports.

Said Leonid Abramovich and about his attitude to show “Field of miracles”. The man had previously spoken out strongly about the project, noting that long lost interest in this work.

“As soon as shooting, I have only one task – to have time to jump out of the Studio. Because all rush to the drum and eat what’s brought. Moreover, this is a must see. Puts cakes in his pockets, bosom… something unbelievable,” – said TV presenter.

In addition to starring in “Field of dreams” Leonid Abramovich takes part in various charity projects. He also is interested in politics and cooking.

Despite the fact that this year the broadcaster celebrates 73 years old, he’s not going to slow down the creative momentum. Jakubowicz many plans for the future. Spouse Leonid Abramovich Marina supports him in all endeavors.

Dealing with KP, the man said that has long been not offended by the rumors about his illness, and even death. For Jakubowicz main thing is that he feels good and still can be on TV.