Леонид Агутин воссоединился с дочерьми On Saturday, an executor will celebrate its 47-th anniversary. To congratulate their beloved father came to his daughter Lisa and Pauline. Together with the girls in Russia flew their beloved, with whom the star father are already familiar.

      Леонид Агутин воссоединился с дочерьми

      Russian singer Leonid Agutin said Saturday 47 years. The singer is planning to spend his birthday surrounded by family and friends. On holiday to my dad flew in from other countries to his daughter Pauline and Lisa. On his page in the social network Agutin showed a photo with heirs, made at one of the restaurants. It is noteworthy that the girls arrived in Russia accompanied by their young people.

      “My children arrived at the birthday dinner for dad with your boys. The Chicks, so to speak, flocked to the nest”, signed frame Leonid.
      Леонид Агутин воссоединился с дочерьми

      Some fans have already started to congratulate the singer on her birthday, although it will come only tomorrow. Subscribers microblog yesterday wish him much happiness and joy and good health.

      Despite the fact that Lisa lives in the United States, Pauline studying in France, heiress stars try a few times a year to come to the father or to arrange a whole family joint vacation on the sea. Leonid already familiar with the choices their daughters, and, it seems, has managed to find common language with them.

      By the way, the singer has admitted that soon may give the eldest daughter married her French elect Juan. “What are you waiting for? But Pauline rose in the West, and there other than us, more responsible approach to marriage”, said Simon in an interview. Girl gets abroad legal education and wants to specialize in international relations.

      Acquaintance with the young man Lisa has occurred during visit of Leonid and Anzhelika Varum in the United States in the fall of 2015. The guy plays in a rock band like his younger successor yesterday. The girl’s mother remembered how the daughter introduced her svoego beloved.

      “About two years ago, I was at Lisa’s recital as part of a large mixed rock concert. I participated in a lot of youth teams, and finished the concert group Grade. For the rest they looked megaproductions. Mark played drums and sang all the vocal solos. It’s incredibly difficult. I then told Lisa that I really liked this guy. Imagine my surprise when, after a year and a half she introduced me as your boyfriend,” said Angelika Varum in an interview.

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