Леонардо Ди Каприо вызвали в суд по делу о клевете Hollywood actor obliged to give evidence against the claim, the amount of which reaches 25 million dollars. The lawsuit was filed by Andrew green, an employee of the company Stratton Oakmont. The man believes that the character of the film “the Wolf of wall street,” Nikki Koskoff charged with it, and this way denigrates his honour and dignity.

      Леонардо Ди Каприо вызвали в суд по делу о клевете

      Foreign media reported that Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio will answer the libel case before the law. The plaintiff is a former employee of the company Stratton Oakmont Andrew green. He argues that one of the heroes of the film “the Wolf of wall street” defamed his honor and reputation. According to Greene, the film-makers deliberately misrepresented him and portrayed in the wrong light. To compensate for moral damage, the man requires from them $ 25 million.

      We are talking about the character of Nikki Koskoff, which in a controversial film by Martin Scorsese, played by P. J. Byrne. Before the audience of the film, Koskoff appears not as a role model. The writers of the paintings depicted him as a drug addict, a criminal and a misogynist. In one of the scenes in “the wolf of wall street,” he shaved one of his colleagues off, promising her a monetary compensation in the other — having fun with prostitutes and taking illegal substances.

      All of these things, says green, are humiliating for him. He is confident that the character actor P. J. Byrne fully “charged” with it. The man also draws attention to the fact that Nicky’s painting called “Econom” (Rugrat), while in reality, the employees gave him the nickname “the Teepee” (Wigwam). However, in the story, Koskoff wears a wig, which in English would be like “wig”.

      Previously, lawyers DiCaprio said the actor is too busy to speak to the representatives of the law. According to them, the star did not participate in the work on the image Koskoff, therefore, unlikely to clarify the situation with the libel. However, considering the requirement of green judge Steven Locke decided otherwise. The court ordered Leonardo to testify in this case.

      The date when the actor is brought before the law, is unknown. It is also reported that DiCaprio is not necessary for this to appear in court, and enough to come to the office of his lawyer.

      By the way, a lawsuit filed by Greene is not the first. In 2014, the man tried to recover from the creators of the film life of luxury brokers $ 15 million. However, the court did not satisfy its requirements, allowing it to change the text of its claim.

      The Martin Scorsese film “the Wolf of wall Street” was released in the world in 2013. It was based on the memoirs of an American broker and speaker-motivator Jordan Belfort, who founded the company Stratton Oakmont. About him we know that he spent 22 months in prison for fraud related to trade in cheap stocks and manipulation of securities. June 12, 2016 the body of 53-year-old

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