В Сети появился первый снимок внука Валентина Юдашкина
Two months Anatoly was the star of the social network.

В Сети появился первый снимок внука Валентина Юдашкина

Galina Yudashkin with her son Anatoly

Just a few hours
ago Galina Yudashkin has published in his microblog the first picture of his son
— Anatoly. Despite the well-established fashion among celebrities to show first
heels and handle newborn kids, the daughter of the famous couturier showed his
the baby entirely. However, the face of Anatolia in detail to see it’s still so hard,
but fans sincerely hope that soon Yudashkin decides to show a more “successful”

By the way, recently the daughter of Valentin Yudashkin revealed the secret of her rapid weight loss after birth. According to Galina, her secret weapon in the fight against excess weight is Pilates. This form of exercise helped her just two months to get rid of excess weight accumulated during the pregnancy. Galina also spoke about my experience of breastfeeding with silicone implants. “Everything is possible, I just had a little milk…” she confessed.

We will remind that on April 5 Galina for the first time became a mother. Son named Anatoly, in honor of the grandfather of her husband. Yudashkin has decided to give birth in the United States is still in the early stages of pregnancy and in new York flew in the middle of winter. Husband of Halina Peter Maksakov work in Moscow could not always be around, but before the critical day it is, of course, came to his wife.

Anatoly, the son of Galina Yudashkina

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