Leonardo DiCaprio sells house on “billionaires Beach”

Леонардо ДиКаприо продает дом на «Пляже миллиардеров»

The shooting of Leonardo Di Caprio in “Titanic” James Cameron has brought him several million dollars. The fee the actor has decided to invest in real estate and in 1998 he purchased a house in an area that is known as “billionaires Beach”.

Almost 20 years DiCaprio was the owner of the house, there is often a rest and received visitors, but Leo realized that he needed a change of location, so he decided to get rid of expensive estates.

According to Daily Mail,his home overlooking the Pacific ocean, Oscar-winning actor was estimated at $ 11 million, despite the fact that the average price of a property in the area is 15 million.

The house has an area of 164 sq. m. there are three bedrooms, ultramodern kitchen, dining room, Spa. A staircase from the patio leads directly to the beach.

The future owner will be the neighbor’s wealthy residents such as Larry Ellison and David Geffen.