Leonardo Di Caprio has again caught cheating

Леонардо Ди Каприо снова уличили в обмане
The actor has established special rules.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Leonardo DiCaprio claims that
ready to do anything to help the cause of environmental protection. But Leo, who received this year its long-awaited “Oscar” again
caught that his words strongly disagree. “Vegetarian” Leo
caught eating, not plant foods. This story was told
British newspaper the Sun.

Leo, who arrived recently in
Scotland to take part in the ceremony Scottish Business Awards, said
at the ceremony a fiery speech in favor of vegetarianism. He said that
cattle, dairy products and eggs cause to the environment
more damage than all the emissions of industrial enterprises
together. So said the actor, everyone urgently needs to switch to
a vegetarian diet. Leo himself, as he claims, have long since abandoned the
meat and campaigning for all his friends to follow his example.

However, at the end
the event, a self-proclaimed vegetarian Leo went to eat in
popular local institution, The Chop and Ale House, where appetite
dinner … steak with potatoes! Moreover, it is not the first time
lately, when DiCaprio was caught in the “masuidrive”. So, chef other
Scottish institutions – Home Cafe – said that Leo has taken it
the specialty of lamb cooked in the tagine. A chef from Los Angeles
restaurant Workshop revealed that DiCaprio often looks to him to
to eat steak ribeye… it turns Out that Leo himself did not even think to follow
they advertised lifestyle. That gives his enemies the right to blame the actor in

Such accusations
the address of the actor pushing against it is not the first time. Previously Leo
has been criticized for the fact that speaking out against the pollution of the atmosphere with harmful
emissions, he allows himself the constant use of private jets, where he
is almost the only passenger and commits cruises
boats with powerful engines…