Лена Ленина выйдет замуж в платье весом 10 килограммов

The flamboyant star of the Russian show-business and part-time writer and the owner of the network studios manicure thoroughly engaged in the search of a wedding dress.

For this Lena Lenina go to the show of new collection of the fashion house Aset, is designed by her longtime friend Isana Dzhabrailov. It is in the outfits Lena from year to year conquers the red carpet at the Cannes film festival.

Lena Lenin already knows what should be her wedding dress: embroidered with natural pearls, white satin and Lyon lace, with a bluish tint. Even in the choice of the wedding dress Lenin was unable to prove the originality of their taste. According to the representatives of the star, the weight of the stones on the dress will be at least 10 pounds. To finally determine the choice of the designer, the writer is going to show brand Aset. By the way, we already know that she will go in the toilet red lace, embroidered with stones, beads, crystals, sequins, bugle beads and stones.

We will remind, Lena Lenina is planning to move from Paris to the suburban village of Cambridge for her new companion. The mysterious gentleman gave the star two wedding diamond rings as a gift on March 8. Offer hands and hearts also followed, but if your wedding is still unknown.

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