Le Havre told about the leisure of his family

Гавр поведал о досуге своей семьи
Popular showman Gavriil Gordeev, known under the name of Le Havre, was loved by the audience after the show Comedy Club.

Гавр поведал о досуге своей семьи

34-year-old Gabriel is raising with his wife two wonderful children, a son and a daughter. Recently Le Havre told about what his family busy in your free time.

Гавр поведал о досуге своей семьи

“Like all normal working men, I try at home to distract from all workflows. We go to the movies, theaters, walking in parks, travel together, of course, if it turns out. Son secret mom playing Minecraft with his daughter a secret from my son watching soap operas with his wife a secret from the children go to the movies. But together we do a lot of things good and kind! I try to be for children more by example rather than preachy, tedious reading notation Batey”, – said Gordeev.

It is worth mentioning that in 2016, the family life of the spouses was under the age of 13.

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