Lazarev is going to keep the number a secret to Eurovision

Лазарев намерен держать номер в секрете до «Евровидения»

Sergey continues to hide the details of their future performances in Sweden. The actor just admitted that a room is not easy to perform physically.

To the chief music contest left very little time. The participants of “Eurovision” every day is getting harder to keep the intrigue. But this does not apply to Sergey Lazarev. The artist still manages to keep secret the details of his speech.

However, during a video chat in social networks “Classmates”, the singer told us a little bit, how are the preparations for the contest, and hinted, what will be the room.

“Now comes the final stage of preparation for the “Eurovision”. Especially for rehearsals recently arrived back singers from Sweden, with whom I will compete at the competition. Uncover the intrigue with regards to my room I will not. A lot of rumours. But I want to say that you know the truth me and my team. I want the viewer felt unprepared emotions during my performances. I will say the only room a difficult one for me physically. Else you have seen on the first runs in Stockholm on 2 may”.

Sergey also asked his compatriots not to hang on him the burden of responsibility. Yes, indeed, representative of our country has long been credited with first place in the competition, but Lazarev urged not to relax ahead of time. The victory is not yet ours, says the artist.

“For me it is very important that the song embraced so positively. A relaxed, learning about my chances of winning. I just want to ask everyone not to rush things. Recall that forecasts are made on the basis of the song, but most importantly – how it will be performed at the contest. So please, don’t hang on me the burden of responsibility” – called fans Lazarev.

The artist commented on what happened to him on 8 April trouble, when he fainted during a concert in St. Petersburg (read more here). Fans were seriously concerned about the condition of Sergey. But the singer was quick to reassure fans.

“Awful and shameful that it happened in the public eye, and even worse – had to postpone the concert. But thanks to the audience for understanding, they handed over the tickets and waiting for a new gig. After fainting, I conducted a survey to find out the reason. The doctors said it was a result of fatigue, overload, and flights that suffered flu on their feet. Prescribed a course of medicines, and now I feel good. I think that this case needed to revise the schedule for April and focus on “Eurovision”, – said Sergey.

International music contest “Eurovision 2016” will be held in Sweden from 10 to 14 may. Last year our country was represented by Polina Gagarina and took second place.

Also, at different times, from Russia to the contest went Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Alsu, Dima Bilan and others.

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