Lazarev admitted that he dedicated a new song to his girlfriend

Лазарев признался, что посвятил новую песню любимой девушке

Before Eurovision artist representing the country in great demand. Here and in the Lazarev tight schedule. Opens the named star in Mytishchi under the screeching of fans, gives interviews, revealing details of the preparation of the song and the show.

So, at the press conference before the concert, where some participants had to show their room, Sergey Lazarev admitted that the song “You are the only one”, which he’s bringing to the competition, rather than an abstract addressed to a specific person.

“My songs are simple message – it’s about the incredible, crazy love. The phrase “You are the only one” in English does not specify the gender. Because both men and women dream to be the one or the one for someone. I dedicate this song to a particular girl, but someone I will not say” by the singer.

Maybe know who is the Muse of Sergei participant from Azerbaijan Sandra. She gave our actor two t-shirts with this phrase: male and female.

Meanwhile, in the life of Lazarus now a lot of events happening. For example, he gave his own star of fame. However, in Mytishchi. Now, the “Avenue of Stars” at the Mall “June” is the nominal star of the artist. It is located in the constellation next to Paris Hilton, Jean-Claude van Damme and Snoop Dogg. Good company, right?

To support the singer so much people came (many gathered for an hour!), what the guard had to literally stand on the barricades. Girls, girls, women at the flea market all trying to get closer to the stage and at least one eye to look at the “Serezha Shapoval”.

“Women do not push children, they are not innocent!” — the guards tried to restrain fans as he could. Even in the crowd there was a bit of a fight between two overage fans who do not share “access to the body”: when Lazarev was held by fans and one of them desperately rushed to him for autographs, very unceremoniously threw the second, which was impatient prepared a little book.

The road in Mytishchi did not stop loyal fans who have gathered here from all over Moscow.

“We didn’t expect so many people” – confessed to the organizers of the event.

WOW!!! I have NO Words!!! So many people came today! Thank you for being there,thank you for your support! — I have no words!!! So many people came today!! Thank you all for the support and wishes!!! #Lazarev #lazarev #eurovision2016 #Russia

Video published by Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey) APR 2 2016 10:45 PDT

The singer is now actively rehearsing competitive number c song “You are the only one”. On 1 may the team will travel to Stockholm to participate in “Eurovision”.

“The mood is excellent, yesterday was born the sun, so soon will come the real spring. Next week already promises +15-20”, – said the singer after he was presented with a huge birthday cake.

Together with the artist in mytisci arrived and the other participants of this year’s Eurovision song contest representatives from Switzerland, Cyprus, Macedonia and Moldova. Performers along with fans congratulated the representative from Russia happy Birthday and advent star, ate cake and sang. However, the hero of the occasion this time is not performed. This will make it today for pre-party “Eurovision” in the proceedings of the Hall. So, the continuation lazareanu should…

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