Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya moved to Spain

Ляйсан Утяшева и Павел Воля переехали в Испанию The couple sent their son to kindergarten abroad. Now the celebrity will fly to Russia. As it became known “StarHit”, the determining factor in the choice of residence was soft and comfortable climate for children.

      Ляйсан Утяшева и Павел Воля переехали в Испанию

      Recently married with two children – three-year-old Robert and eight month old Sophia moved on a constant residence to Spain. For couples, this country is not new – Rosie came back a few months before both births, and then with Paul and their kids. In addition, in Spain many years living named sister mom presenter Tatiana, her house is located right on the coast.

      “Laysan and Paul made this decision largely because of the climate, – said the “StarHit” surrounded by couples. – There it is soft and comfortable for the kids. In Moscow’s cold, high probability of getting sick, the epidemic of all types of influenza. Robert this year went to a kindergarten parents are very carefully picked for him. In Moscow will be back on time for work.”

      Once Rosie took her son to shooting of the project “DANCING” on TNT, the leading of which is permanent for several years. “Robert enjoyed your stay with us, – has shared with “StarHit” on the set. He came in a white suit, all he was interested – very inquisitive, charming guy. He particularly liked to grab all the legs and pull the girls over the hem of the skirts. Felt, growing womanizer”.

      By the way, young parents carefully protect heirs from excessive attention of strangers. Still fans of celebrities would not see the faces of their son and daughter. Occasionally Paul and Laysan publish little feet or handle children. And recently, microblogging subscribers Will and Utyasheva could see an older child celebrities – happy parents posted a photo of the grown-up Robert, but it was a toy helmet. So that Network users could only see how the boy has grown up.

      “We protected children from cameras and camcorders because they are irresponsible age, respectively, cannot say they want to be photographed or not, – explained the star “StarHit”. – As soon as Robert and Sophia reach adulthood, or at least 12 years and willing to put in the accounts in social networks all the baby pictures with mom and dad, of course, they will be able to do it. The only thing at the moment, we are trying to lobby for our children, shielding them from too much attention. We don’t yet understand how they want this attention. They will decide for themselves in the future.”