Лариса Копенкина похвасталась постройневшей фигурой Ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin called thrill fans. 60-year-old Larisa Kopenkina published new photos in tight jeans, which effectively emphasize her lean legs.

      Despite the fact that the marriage of Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina has long ceased to exist, businesswoman did not lose the crowd its fans. On the contrary, their number is only growing. The users of social networking it is interesting to observe the development of the life of the controversial former wife of the artist.

      It should be noted that Larissa never disappoints its subscribers in Instagram. She often gives them ground for discussion. A special joy to fans of call resort photos businesswoman. The fact that on the summer photos for Larissa fewer layers of clothing, so her fans can enjoy the sleek silhouette of a star.

      The most recent the kopenkina generated a lot of buzz in Instagram. In the photo she is posing in jeans tight, showing a rather postroynevshaya for summer legs.

      “Pretty! London in love”, “the Beauty of what slender”, “so You go jeans”, “Great shape, Beautiful! How thin”, “You are gorgeous, and often raduyte us with beautiful pictures” – wrote in comments to the star fans.

      Interestingly, after the divorce, Larisa Kopenkina stopped communicating with her ex-husband Prokhor Chaliapin. Despite this, she is often a guest on popular talk shows whose main character becomes a famous singer. As a rule, businesswoman openly expresses their opinion on a particular subject, causing anger ex-wife.

      It seems that a couple more times to meet broadcast television. Because Chaliapin and then throws fans a reason to debate. For example, not so long ago, he flew to rest on Maldives. While Prokhor was silent about who to keep him company during the journey. Fans are left to guess whether he was still the heart of the artist free. Prokhor Chaliapin hide who went to the Maldives