Ирина Безрукова претендует на второй «Оскар»
The film with the actress once again nominated for the highest award of the Academy.

Irina Bezrukov and Konstantin Lavronenko

Photo: @bezirina Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

Irina Bezrukova has the potential to earn a second time the coveted “Oscar”. As it became known, painting with the participation of Russian actress — “Earthquake” was nominated for the Academy award in the category “Best foreign language film”. The film sarika Andreasian was selected by a special jury and were able to bypass several serious competitors.

“Friends, this is amazing news! But our film “Earthquake” nominated Armenian film Academy Oscar! — shared Irina in the microblog. — We are happy! Thanks for the great academics of Armenia for trusting! We will try to justify it!”

Incidentally, In 1996 a film by Czech Director Jan Sverak — Kolya with Bezrukovoj was already nominated for “Oscar”. Moreover, the creators of the film managed to win and to win the coveted statuette. The picture of “nick”, where Irina has played mother of the main character, is one of the most famous Czech films, long clicking in the category of movie classics.

So, Irina’s got a good chance again to perpetuate his name in the history of awarding prize of the film Academy. It’s funny that some time ago Bezrukovoj home bred dog named Oscar. It turns out that, in case of victory, for the actress it will not be the second, and the third received “Oscar”.