Лариса Гузеева собрала повзрослевших детей на семейный ужин
The presenter showed a rare joint photos with the heirs.

Лариса Гузеева собрала повзрослевших детей на семейный ужин

Larisa Guzeeva with her son George

Photo: @lara_guzya Instagram Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva was taking a little break from filming in the program “Let’s get married.” The presenter organized a small family meeting that he called, of course, their children —16-year-old Lelia and 25-year-old George. Larissa spent in the company of his heirs a lovely evening. In parallel with the conversation heart-to-heart, star family had enough time to take pictures. Joint Guzeeva pictures shared in his microblog.

“What they become grown-UPS!”, “Lelia Belle some kind of extraterrestrial!”, “Son, releasing the beard, began to look much older than his age…”, “Like son like mom!” commented on fans of TV star.

Children of Larissa Guzeeva — George and Lola

Photo: @lara_guzya Instagram Larisa Guzeeva)

By the way, not so long ago the TV suddenly decided to make an unexpected confession. It turned out that Larissa was ready to birth a larger number of heirs. According to her, she was very sorry, that she only has two children.

“I only regret that I had to give birth to a dozen…” — said Guzeeva. It also decided to warn his fans, giving advice about how long kids should be in the family. “My dear, do not repeat my mistakes: two is too little!” — she added. — How fast you’ve grown, my girl, my love, ” Larisa turned to her daughter Lele. — How much did I miss…” As it turned out, the host of the TV show regrets how much attention she paid to his successor in the past. However, now, apparently, she tries to catch up.