Zayn Malik’s mother asks him to throw Gigi Hadid

Мать Зейна Малика просит его бросить Джиджи Хадид

So who knows what did not please model Gigi Hadid is the mother of your beloved Zayn Malik Trisha, but she dreams of. as her favorite son finds a girlfriend easier, clever, pretty and Gigi Hadid.

Insiders close to the happy couple, saying that the Montagues and the Capulets, are found contrary to the opinion of their families. Yes, Yolanda foster also does not favor the potential son-in-law, saying to her daughter that it must be a simple guy. Here’s Nick Jonas, ex-boyfriend Hadid, in her opinion, was perfect for her daughter.
46-year-old Trisha Gigi does not like the fact that she is “too Hollywood,” and during their stay at the amusement Park is outstanding all the time yakking with someone on the phone, not giving the time nor Zane, nor his mother, and Yolanda is worried that Malik is just using the fame of her daughter for PR.
Meanwhile, are the lovers were recently spotted at lax airport in Los Angeles and looked happy, not like what they were going to listen to your favorite moms. Not this time.