Лариса Долина рассказала о своем невероятном похудении
The famous singer lost 20 pounds.

Larisa Dolina

Photo: @dolinalarisaoficial (Instagram Larisa Dolina)

Larisa Dolina repeatedly confessed that all his life struggling with
excess weight. What are the diets she not only sat! She was even dangerous experience for a long period of starvation,
which, unfortunately, positive results. But
the singer did not lose hope. And then, finally, the Valley of the lost weight. Yes!

“I needed
year to lose 20 pounds, the singer says. Is my diet enough
simple: through the day you should drink yogurt instead of food. For example, today eat as usual and tomorrow
drink yogurt, then eat again as usual.”
On this scanty diet Larisa Dolina “hoisted” all show business.

By the way, not one Larisa Alexandrovna knows the secret of how to lose weight in the shortest time on record the number of kilograms. Recently, actress Natalia
Rudova shared the diet
which, if followed, can also to lose weight to 20 pounds. “This
diet chemical called, — Natalia explains. But there is no
“chemistry.” The point is that you are given a specific list of products
which combination in the body run chemical reactions,
promotes the removal of fat. This diet is also called the egg, because in her
is based on chicken eggs. It’s low calorie, but filling a completely
absorbed by the body and not contaminate it with slugs. For example, for Breakfast eat
one or two boiled eggs and paraprof. Lunch — chicken or fish with vegetable
salad. For dinner a light salad — like shrimp”.

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