Юлия Костюшкина выходит на работу Maternity leave artist lasted little more than three months. Postroynevshaya after Her birth, Julia will appear on the stage of the Moscow House of music. She can not wait to please fans with their creativity.

      Юлия Костюшкина выходит на работу

      The wife of a famous musician Stas Her Julia became a mother in December last year. Musician she gave the second son, who was named Myron. Like many modern moms, wife of the singer was not going to stay long at home. It took just three months after the baby is born and she is ready to return from maternity leave. Despite the fact that Yulia has to bring up two sons, she wants to combine caring for young heirs and creative career. So, in his microblog it stated that will return to delight audiences playing at the theater.

      “But happiness for me, but tomorrow I’ll be back on stage in my favorite performance of Egor Druzhinin “Life is Everywhere”! Come, dear, we are very glad to see you in the theater hall “House of Music”, said the actress fans. Needless to say how delighted members took the news.

      Interestingly, for the first time after Her birth, Julia has appeared on one of the social events two months after the birth of a child. For new mommies had been prepared for the honorable role – together with her husband she led the award “Couple of the year 2016”.

      But first and foremost all the fans had noted that the wife of the soloist of group A-DESSA was able to come earlier in the form. Her slender figure, Julia emphasized the exquisite black dress to the floor. So quick to regain Her desired weight was able with the help of regular exercise and proper nutrition. The first time after giving birth, the artist is not loaded himself in the gym. Only after the doctors are allowed to begin physical exercise, Julia went to work on the dream figure. Moreover, to gain a smart appearance she was able with the help of special procedures for weight reduction – cryolipolysis. “This is the destruction of fat by freezing it to minus eight degrees,” said Julia.

      Recall that Her long time led the video “I grow thin”, so she was always aware of the most advanced techniques for rapid weight loss.

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