Ламар Одом получил судебный запрет на приближение к Хлое Кардашьян

“He can’t control himself, he can expect anything” said Chloe Kardashian about her husband Lamar Odom and got a restraining order. Now the husband may not approach her or to communicate in any way.

A few months ago, Chloe literally did not depart from bed of Lamar, in which he literally died from a drug overdose and Viagra taken in one of the Nevada brothels. This however did not mean that she decided not to divorce her husband. When Lamar came around and took up the old, Chloe began to speed up their divorce, and now she is afraid that her husband may harm her.
“He is absolutely lost, constantly calling her, accusing that she broke some promises, which were given to him when he was dying in the hospital. Chloe is afraid. He falls asleep her drunken messages and threats. Lamar promises to tell everyone some of her secrets and even kill, because she decided to get a restraining order” — said the source.

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