Gosha Kutsenko openly talking about cancer parents

Гоша Куценко откровенно заговорил о раке родителей The famous actor presented at the “Kinotavr” his first work – the film “the Doctor”. According to Gosha Kutsenko, he did not by hearsay familiar with the work of doctors, conducting operations in the human brain. The movie star admitted that his mother died from glioblastoma, the same tumor that was Zhanna Friske.

      Гоша Куценко откровенно заговорил о раке родителей

      Gosha Kutsenko presented in the framework of “Kinotavr” the picture “the Doctor”. In the film, the Director has shown as actually conducted brain surgery. Kutsenko was personally present in the operating room and saw the work of neurosurgeons. Ghosh told reporters that the shooting this heavy movie pushed his personal tragedy. Movie star have lost both parents in 2012. They died of cancer.

      His mother worked as a radiologist, saved people’s lives. However, the woman failed to cope with the disease.

      “When she was diagnosed with the same tumor, and that the Zhanna Friske glioblastoma, could not understand, on what light I am. That it seemed to me that all this is happening in some movie, though not with me. Mom has made several operations in Russia, then we went to Germany for treatment. Completed a course of chemotherapy, but unfortunately, there are times when medicine is powerless,” recalls bitterly Kutsenko.

      Native Zhanna Friske told about the last days of her life

      The father of the actor George Pavlovich, who in Soviet times headed the Ministry of radio industry in Ukraine, could not accept the loss of his wife.

      “Three months after the passing of the mom’s dad also died of cancer. It was very hard to deal with, but then I realized that the last wish of any parent is to lower the threshold of pain for their children. You need to enter into such relations with the head, with the soul to overcome this loss,” – said Kutsenko.

      After the death of both parents, the actor realized that he wanted to help other people who are faced with health problems. Gosh, for several years supported the Center for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with infantile cerebral paralysis”.

      “The film “the Doctor” I have dedicated all of whom failed to save, and the great work of the doctors, particularly neurosurgeons. The illness of his mother brought me with them, I reviewed these people. Honestly, I would like to live like they live in the same world we do, every day saving the lives of others,” – said Kutsenko Sobesednik.ru

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