Лама Сафонова шокировала снимками после серьезной операции The singer continues to struggle courageously with a terrible disease. Currently the artist is preparing for chemotherapy, during which she would lose his blond curls. Fans Safonova pray for her recovery.

      Lama Safonova is undergoing treatment for cancer. In his microblog singer regularly shares news of life and reports that she had to move. Recently Safonov has told fans about his recovery after medical intervention. Celebrity also published shocking photographs of hospital on which the visible scars on her stomach. According to Lama, it doesn’t matter what other people think. Safonova just wants to share thoughts and not feel alone in the battle with a terrible and exhausting disease.

      Lama Safonova realized causes serious illness

      “Today was the 19th day after a major operation… Finally slept swelling in the abdomen. Surgeon five hours fought on the operating table, risking every minute to lose me… To deadly chemotherapy is just five days away, and we need to hurry everything inside is healed, all the reserve forces and the body’s cells are trying to complete, restored without drugs. It’s a miracle that I live,” – said Safonov.

      Lama said that some members criticized the artist in the quest to look good, but she finds it natural. “Critics write: “How to work with the French?” And how? It was necessary to tear off them with meat or in the hospital suddenly to call the masters? When you suddenly drop out of normal life, then you are not nails,” said the singer.

      According to Safonova, very soon she will have to say goodbye to long tresses and a flawless manicure. “After chemistry it will all fall off, so don’t worry, soon I’ll be in the new “image” and it does not scare me. Husband promised to shave his head with me. Will the two “Baldy”, – said the artist.

      The Lama also told that he is not going to give up. In her opinion, to live and try to take care of myself. The same thing, she advises to make anyone who was in a similar situation.

      “If you have cancer, it does not mean that you need to go “satsujinki” in a tattered Bathrobe and unwashed lean face. You should always remain a woman, as there are forces! Crawl around the house, but in the divine form. Yes, when in pain and confined to bed is almost impossible. If it hurts, but you can stand up, first go to the mirror, keep yourself in good shape and take it as “temporary cold”. Don’t you dare give up”, – told the artist.