Как сложилась судьба «особенного» ребенка скончавшейся Ии Савиной The heir of the artist, patient with down syndrome, was able to adapt to the society. Sergey Shestakov, born in the marriage of movie stars from the first spouse could obtain a higher education. The man was almost 60 years old, he paints and conducts a personal diary.

      Как сложилась судьба «особенного» ребенка скончавшейся Ии Савиной
      Как сложилась судьба «особенного» ребенка скончавшейся Ии Савиной

      In the program “live” remembered the life of the great Soviet actress AI Savina. The artist died in 2011 from complications of melanoma. 10 days before death she married Anatoly Vasiliev. According to the spouse of the star theatre, she had a premonition of his death.

      “She said she was sad-sad: “let me go”, it was a hint to euthanasia,” – says Vasilyev.

      From his first marriage with Vsevolod Shestakov from Savina survived by his son Sergei. The boy was born with down syndrome. As noted by friends, the actress is thoroughly engaged in the development of the boy. Usually children born with this diagnosis may not live long. However, the heir Savina will soon be 60 years old. He received higher education, learned to play synthesizer and to paint pictures.

      Как сложилась судьба «особенного» ребенка скончавшейся Ии Савиной

      Host of “live” Boris korchevnikov visited the Sergey Shestakov and showed how there lives the son of a famous actress. Faina Ranevskaya said that Savina “real cross houses”, referring to her child.

      Each AI Sergeyevna Yuri Gorin recalls that she never hid son. When the boy recited poems. Savina was not going to abandon the child, but rather proud. According to friends of the star, in the education Serezha was helping her mother and Babysitting. Vasilyev became the guardian of the adopted son after his wife’s death.

      “It is not pretentious. He does his own thing for hours. He played the keyboard, draws, teaches English… He is alone. Enjoys excellent microwave… Remembers all the birthdays, we even forget”, – said Anatoly Isaakovich.
      Как сложилась судьба «особенного» ребенка скончавшейся Ии Савиной

      Boris korchevnikov came to visit him, saw his diary in which he carefully records the events of each day. Several pages were devoted to celebration of the New year.

      Yuri Gorin noted that Vasiliev had saved him from persecution. “On Frunze embankment was flat. It was claimed Zaire, another wife Shestakova. Had to hide him”, – said the actor.

      The scandal with the property appeared in 2012. Friend Savina notes that Zaire wanted to take advantage of the situation and become the guardian of the son of the actress. The woman was familiar with the UW Sergeyevna and rubbed to it in trust. According to the family’s lawyer Julian Sobolev, at the moment the situation with the property is still not resolved.

      “The problem here. Serge diminished capacity, therefore, cannot make a will, and his guardian. The reality is, if something happens with Sergei, the apartment will go to distant relatives,” – said the expert.