Lama Safonova has terrible pain

Лама Сафонова испытывает страшные боли
For several months is a tough fight singer Lama Safonova with a terrible disease.

Лама Сафонова испытывает страшные боли

The girl was diagnosed with cancer.

Recently, the singer reported that her condition deteriorated and she was hospitalized with suspicion on a peritonitis. This diagnosis were not confirmed, but severe pain continues to torment Lama.

“It is hard for me. I feel very bad. Only today found the strength to write a post yourself. I don’t know how I stand everything. (…) The body tremendously damaged by chemo and radiation therapy. I’m in a very bad condition. It’s scary. Internal burns internal organs (and chemical and radiation – unbearable painful thing…) Temperature 39. Sometimes we bring down. I couldn’t eat. Difficult. And if all to tell, the hair will stand on end. Radiotherapy is interrupted. I want to live, but sometimes it seems that all… Not to get… the Climb” – said Lama.

We wish Safonova forces to fight the terrible disease.

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