Лайма Вайкуле угодила в криминальную историю The famous singer admitted that he became a member of the terrible incident after which she had to roam and even spend the night at the Roma. Laima Vaikule can’t forget about what happened and said that this event greatly affected her life.

Recently Laima Vaikule open up and tell about the key events of his life which had seriously affected her worldview. The actress shared memories of a terrible incident, a party of which she involuntarily began. It happened when she went on tour in the Turkish city of Adjara on the machine with the musicians and Director of the ensemble of the Riga variety orchestra, where she took to work. Along the way, the unexpected happened – an event that truly shook the scientist.

“Happened a terrible incident. We drove on the highway, the head of our group was driving, the four musicians in the back – says the singer. – On the turn we drove into another car, and from there people jumped out, ran to the window of our head and started hitting him through the open window. And he can not go. Musicians popped up, the driver began to pull, began to fight. And suddenly a shot rang out. I ran out of the car and see how the land falls one of the musicians. It turned out, the car was a policeman who shot without warning. With one shot he shot two. As a result, two of our guys ended up in the hospital and two in jail for a fight”.

After the incident, Laima Vaikule could not travel outside of the country, as passed on business as the witness. The young performer was only 16 years old. For a long time she was forced to attend court hearings, one of which the policeman even stood up on his knees before her, so that she changed her testimony in his favor. In the end, according to the scientist, who someone gave a bribe and two musicians sent to prison. Others, released from the hospital, went to Israel and were forced to end his career.

This story has changed a lot in the fate of the limes. Before the tour she was living in the house at the head of the group, away from parents, but after a criminal history that happened, the wife colleagues simply kicked her out. The young singer was left homeless and had to wander. Once she even spent the night at Gypsies.

To tell their parents about the incident, the future pop star did not, however, later, after seeing Lima thin and pale, her mother guessed the trouble. The singer had to confess.

The favorite of the audience told about other juicy details of his life. For example, that with the elect Andrey, with whom they have been together for 48 years, she is married, because he wants always to feel free. Moreover, the singer never told him the words of love. They were rewarded with only her dog, the Rottweiler is no longer alive.

Beating a serious illness, breast cancer, Lyme Vajkule did not dare to have children, though he wished it. Previously, she had an abortion. For the first time for the reason that he was afraid to leave the stage, and secondly – due to the fact that the child did not want her beloved Andrew. But the artist does not despair: she completely gives herself to the stage and this is a good thing in her life.

Vaikule also revealed the secret of his harmony. She admitted that likes to eat, though the hunger it sometimes even starts to shake.

“I maloezhka, just mad, tells star in an interview with the magazine “OK!”. I can in the morning to eat a cheese sandwich and nothing else there until the evening. And may not there until tomorrow morning. When I begin to lose weight, I’m waiting for those days when easy to do, almost without food. For example, I start eating rice on the water, nothing more. But if the day I feel that starts the shakes, I cast this my diet”.

Now 63-year-old Laima Vaikule spends time in Jurmala, where yesterday held the inauguration of the festival “lime. Rendezvous. Jurmala”. In the concert hall “Dzintari” will be Christina opolais, Intars Busulis, Aija Andrew, band DaGamba, Janis Stabilis and many other popular artists whose names are familiar to both domestic and Latvian public. The singer admits that carefully prepared for this event and encourages everyone to watch the live broadcast on the Network. Lyme Vajkule and Valery Leontiev lit at a concert in Jurmala