Anna Sedokova was supported by Olga Buzova

Анна Седокова поддержала Ольгу Бузову
Some time ago there was a conflict between the two stars of domestic show-business, Svetlana Loboda and Olga Buzova.

Анна Седокова поддержала Ольгу Бузову

Loboda spoke negatively about the fans Buzova, to which she responded by return post.

For Buzova decided to stand up to another famous singer Anna Sedokova.

Анна Седокова поддержала Ольгу Бузову

“In December I was pregnant but nobody knows yet. You’re skinny as a twig. I clearly remember how you trembled when we took pictures. You said almost the third day without sleep. The day before we were flying in an airplane, and you were already a little different, but still never sleeping with painted tour schedule for the year ahead . Bold and strong. We don’t know who you close. I don’t even have your phone. But I don’t understand how you cope with this hate around. I read the comments just a few posts, and I was not myself. Every second considers it necessary to discuss, to criticize. But the first protects. You see, I go away,” – wrote in his microblog Sedokova.

The unexpected popularity of Olga Buzova in the music industry is not like many popular singers, from-for what at Olga periodically pours criticism.

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