Как Леди Гага удивила всех на венецианском кинофестивале?

Lady Gaga is known that knows how to shock and attract attention to his person. While she does this most often through a shocking and original costumes, such as a dress made of meat and so on. For a long time Gaga has changed the role of a pop diva, country music singer, and recently completely made his debut in a big movie! The actress was supposed to attend the premiere of the film with her participation and his great debut, the singer decided to surprise everyone.

Yesterday at the Venice film festival Bradley Cooper presented his first Director’s work – a musical drama “a Star is born”, where he played a major role for a couple with Gaga. “A star is born” is a remake of the same movie in 1937. On the red carpet Bradley could not appear without his partner. He was present at the festival in a black classic tuxedo, but the Gaga appeared in Quinceanera dresses from Valentino decorated with pink ostrich feathers. The singer just could not tear my eyes! She just fluttered!

But not one Gaga gave the preference to feathers. Now her colleague cate Blanchett appeared on the red carpet in a black Armani gown with a deep neckline, small train and embellished with white feathers.

To support her husband with her daughter Leah arrived Irina Shayk. She looked beautiful in a gold dress Donatella Versace. By the way, the author himself made the company a model, while her husband was presented to the audience and paid attention to his colleague on the film.

Recall, after the birth of Leah Irene and Bradley became only closer and identify with their priorities in life – create big and strong family.
And though the child takes the couple all the free time, they continue to actively pursue a career.

Star couple carefully guards his personal life and refuses any comments. For example, Bradley Cooper refused to confirm the birth of her daughter in a live TV program Ellen DeGeneres. Then presenter told the actor that his home waiting for a baby. Official review media received only two weeks after the happy event. So insight about planning a second child leaked to the press, rather the exception.
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk started Dating two years ago. Immediately after the start of the relationship Bradley introduced the Russian model with my mom. This fact allowed to speak about serious intentions of the Cooper.