Леди Гага встретила 30-летие в безвкусном платье

The flamboyant star has arranged a Grand party in honor of his 30th birthday, which invited a lot of stellar friends. Itself to the celebration appeared in a sparkling dress “a La the disco ball”.

In Los Angeles hosted the “party of the century” is a celebration in honor of the birthday of the great and terrible Lady Gaga. Among the guests, by the way, there were many familiar to us all: Kate Hudson, Taylor swift, Lana Del Rey, Kylie Minogue, ashlee Simpson and many others. For celebration Gaga chose a very unusual toilet.

During the presentation of the collection Saint Laurent fashion editors and fashion critics wondered, who are glittering mini-dresses in the style of disco. The answer was on the surface: hardly anyone except Lady Gaga would appear in public in such a pretentious manner. Golden dress in the spirit of the 80s with puffy sleeves, ruffles and mirror-sequined top hard to call impeccable taste. However, it is worth noting that it is quite in the style of the flamboyant stars of modern show business.

The singer has supplemented the toilet wide black belt with a massive buckle shoes-the”monsters” on mind-blowing heels. By the way, the star walked in them with great difficulty: without the help of her fiance, Taylor Kinney, she could not do them in one step.

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