Леди Гага может отменить участие в Суперкубке из-за закона о трансгендерах

Participation in the super bowl for American artist still win in the prestigious competition, but Lady Gaga is ready to give it up for the concert transgender scheduled on the same day in Texas, the purpose of which is the requirement of the equality of transgender people. Insiders report that Gaga still wondering which event to choose.

“Most likely, Gaga agree to participate in the super bowl. She understands that her presence in Texas is very important, because the scene she will make a statement about equality. She believes that her statement will be bright and will attract attention,” say insiders close to Gaga.
Texas privacy act, which rebelled against transgender, requires all state residents used the bathrooms, toilets and changing rooms according to the floor number on their birth certificate. It also prohibits local authorities to make rulings on gay rights in public places and other “intimate”.
Earlier, a similar law passed in North Carolina, now is the turn of Texas, known for its conservative views.