Джордж Клуни вмешался в конфликт Мерил Стрип и Дональда Трампа

The ceremony of awarding the “Golden globe” has several memorable moments – kiss, Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield, Meryl Streep speech against the newly elected President of Donald trump.

“[…]I still can’t forget it, it was not a movie, but real life: the moment when the person who wishes to occupy the respectable place in the country, parodied the reporter with a disability. The man who is superior to this reporter in the privileges, power and opportunities to fight back. This instinct to humiliate, publicly presented, it infiltrates our lives, he gives us permission to do the same. Disrespect begets disrespect and violence provokes violence. When the powerful of this world use their position to humiliate others, we all lose”, said Meryl, referring to a parody of trump to the New York Times reporter with a disability.

Trump could not remain silent and commented on it Strip. He called the Hollywood star of “overrated actress and the servant of Hillary Clinton.”

To protect Meryl stood up George Clooney. The actor, who on “the Gold globe” was not present, but the Strip worked repeatedly (including with her voiced cartoon “fantastic Mr. Fox”), supported his colleague, referring to Trump the explicit question is “Not if you’re supposed to run the country?” (instead of criticizing actors). And later in an ironic form, he added: “Yes, I think she is the most overrated actress of all time. I worked with her on scoring the animated film “fantastic Mr. Fox”, and will tell you she is and how Fox is overrated” (Meryl voiced one of the main roles — the Fox. — Approx. ed.)”.

Clooney, who in the last few years, a particularly active interest in politics and even spoke of his potential presidency, admitted that as his star colleagues did not believe trump the right choice.