Lady Gaga is not shy to show his feelings for new boyfriend

Леди Гага не стесняется демонстрировать свои чувства к новому бойфренду
The singer passionately kissed a favorite at the party.

Леди Гага не стесняется демонстрировать свои чувства к новому бойфренду

Lady Gaga


The other day one of the star
parties were shocked by the behavior of lady Gaga and her new boyfriend — Christina
The karino. The fact that the lovers don’t object to other visitors of the event, continuously
embraced and kissed. This information appeared on the website

Party held in the Hamptons, was devoted to the completion of filming of the new
movie in which lady Gaga played a major role. We are talking about
the musical drama “a Star is born” — remake of the eponymous film
film of 1937, starring at the time, Judy garland and Barbara
Streisand. New “Star…” was the directorial debut Bradley Cooper, father
child Irina Shayk.

As for Gaga, her affair with 48-year-old
Christian Carino began in February of this year. Since they are regularly seen
together at different social events, in particular, in the recently held in
California show for the new collection by Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover, Gaga went there
not only with Christian but also with his daughter from a previous relationship — Bella.

Relations with karino ensued Gaga after
she decided to break up with her former fiance actor
Taylor Kinney. With Kinney she dated for five years, and was not only with him
officially engaged, but was going to play with Taylor’s wedding…

Lady Gaga and Christine Carino